How Does a Filter Press Work?

Posted by Admin on March, 31, 2012

Right from food processing, waste management to chemical production and metal works, a Filter Press is essentially required for the removal of excess moisture and other particles. Filter Presses come in numerous sizes, types and specifications. They can be automatic, semi-automatic and even manual. Filter Presses are assembled with PP Plate Frame, heavy duty Steel parts and gaskets. Though the Filter Presses are most commonly required to purify water from hazardous elements, they can be used to filter solids as well as gases. For all such uses and more, different types of Filter Presses are required in industries like Food and Processing, Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals and in many others. Let’s know more about Filter Presses.

Filter Press Elements
Based upon the type of application, different Filter Presses are used by the industries. A Filter Press is made of a huge thick metal framed component that varies in sizes. The placement and working of Filter Press Elements is mentioned below:

  • At one edge of the Filter Press, the raw materials are placed whereas from the opposite end, the de-watered elements are released.
  • Between the two edges of the Filter Press, a set of screens, also known as filters are outfitted and the materials pass through them.
  • Filter Presses come with hydraulic cylinder that pressurizes the screens. This hydraulic cylinder is driven by air.
  • Besides, the Filter Presses generally have polyester made gaskets to protect leakage of the materials.
  • Most of the Filter Presses come with air filters as well as oil reserves to allow dense machining.

Pressing and Filtering Power
As discussed earlier, the Filter Presses can be operated manually and automatically. The Filter Presses are available with a compact hydraulic cylinder in order to create high pressure that is constantly required throughout the filtration process. Most of the Filter Presses are construction wise modular and can easily be lengthened, in case the application is more substantial. Depending upon the type of product and the desired result, there can be variance in the pressure applied by the Filter Presses.

Filter Presses are available in different types, sizes and makes. One can even Buy Filter Presses as per the specific requirements. However, prior to the purchase, one must consider that only the Filter Presses Manufacturers and Suppliers with the capability to meet your specific needs should be considered. These days a number of organizations engaged in manufacturing Filter Presses get themselves registered over the different web portals as well. From there, buyers can easily send enquiries or post trade leads to Buy Filter Presses to get the machines with the desired specifications.

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